Outside to play Molly and Deema are princesses who protect the forest from danger. Goby tells them that a forest amimal has been seen at the top of Princess Peak. He also tells them to watch out for the shoer. Goby tells Molly that a shoer is a villain who tries to get rid of horses. They start going up the mountain toward Princess Peak but they approached rocks on the path slowing them down. Suddenly the shoer appears and they get away. The princesses see the mountain and walk their horses on the soft grass in order to avoid more pain of the horse's feet. They shoer shows up again scaring the horses away. The princesses go up the mountain in search of the horses and come to three paths. They see the shoer running up the mountain but quickly run to the top finding their horses. The shoer approaches the princesses. Deema confronts him for scaring the horses away but he reveals that he was only chasing them for shoes that the horses were to be given.

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