"Adoption Snail", is one of the Snail inhabitants of Bubbletucky.

As her name may imply, she works at the pet adoption center that Gil stops by after he finds the troublesome puppy that had escaped from the fenced in area. She explains to Gil what adoption is and how it works, then had taken one of the Guppies to give it to one of the snail children that adopted one of the puppies.

At the end of the episode she had allowed Mr. Grouper take one of the puppies to give to the Bubble Guppies as he felt they were responsible enough to have him.

Her voice actor is unknown.


The adoption snail is a very kind snail woman who really seems to like animals. She sounds young in tone, meaning she may be a teenager or a young adult.

She is also very knowledgeable and knows a lot about what it takes to raise pets.

She may only work in a pure puppy adoption center, given her shirt and the fact that only puppies were shown.


The adoption snail resembles all of the other snails in Bubble Guppies, but with short brown hair worn in a boyish cut. On top of her hair, she seems to always wear a pastel pink baseball cap, which her antennae stick out of. She also has on a white T-shirt with heart on it with a puppy in the center.




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