The Audience is a group of snails, fish, lobsters, and crabs that appear in various episodes cheering for a special event or the Bubble Guppies when they perform or do something special.

In total, there is 6 fish, 6 crabs, 3 lobster, and 4 snails. All of various gender and sizes. Which means some are adults and others children.


The Audience is generally always in a good mood! But that's because they're doing what they like to do best. Cheering and watching a grand or fun show or event. They really like the Bubble Guppies, as do many inhabitants of Bubbletucky.


As said above, there is a random number of each species and they have small various differences. In total there is 19 characters. But the differences include:

  • 3 purple fish
  • 2 orange fish
  • 1 blue fish
  • 1 tiny crab
  • 1 normal shape crab
  • 4 oddly shaped crabs
  • 3 generally looking the same lobsters
  • 2 children snails
  • 2 adult snails


The Audience has appeared in these episodes:



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