Avi's Mother, who was not given an official name, is the mother of Avi, one of Oona's friends.

After his accident she called the Hospital and told them what happened. After she hung up the Clambulance arrived and they took Avi and herself to the Hospital. Despite how fake the injury looked she wished to get it checked anyway, which proved to be smart since Avi broke a bone in his tail.

She is voiced by Venus Terzo.


As said, she is like a typical mother. She cares deeply for Avi and she called the Hospital right away, not knowing if Avi was really hurt or not. When the Clambulance arrived she assured Oona that Avi would be okay, but they had to x-ray his tail, just to make sure he wasn't seriously injured.

She stuck with Avi the entire episode and at the end she was very happy when Oona and the others showed up to visit Avi. At the very end of the episode, she sung with Avi and everybody else during the Reprise of "A Bunch of Bones".

She is very caring and deeply concerned when it came to Avi.


Avi's Mother resembles Avi of course! She is a lot bigger though. She has more spots along her body, while her tail fin and parts on the top of her head are bigger. She has black eyes and eyebrows.

But other then her voice, she lacks a physical quality that would clarify she is a female.



  • Avi and his Mother have only appeared in this episode.


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