Big Bubble City is the Pop Song sang during the Super Shrimptennial Celebration episode. Instead of Molly
Big Bubble city
however, Deema is the lead singer.


  • Deema (main singer)
  • Molly
  • Oona (backup singer)
  • Gil (single line)
  • Nonny
  • Goby (backup singer)


Deema: Bubble City, Bubble City oh what a town. Skyscrapers is up and the subways are down! 'And everybody's always going round and around. Everywhere you go there's a crowd and the sound of Big Bubble City!

Hey, Taxi. Taxi!

Oona, Goby: Here in the city, folks are always on the run! Working, playing, shopping, selling, having lots of fun!

Oona, Goby, Deema: All the smells, all the sights! All the noise, all the lights! On the street day and night!

Deema: So hail a taxi, ride a bike, or a bus across town. Eat a pretzel from a cart...

Gil: (talks) And have some juice to wash it down!

Deema: Or climb Big Bubble Building, scrape the sky, just look around!

(Yells) Bring it home, Guppies!

Others: Bubble city, bubble city, oh what a town...

Deema: (Yells) The Skyscrapers are up, and the subways are down!

And everybody's always going round and around, so come on over to our town!

Where everything you want can be found!

Big Bubble City!


Bubble Guppies Tunes 32 Bubblecity

Bubble Guppies Tunes 32 Bubblecity


  • How is Nonny able to peddle the bike?
  • When this song airs during commercial breaks on the Nick Jr channel, the final part of the song "Where everything you want, can be found..." is cut out and it skips to the final line.