|<Piece>Bubble Guppies is a Nick Jr. television program created by Jonny Belt and Robert Scull. The program premiered on January 24, 2011 as part of Nick Play Date.

Each Bubble Guppy has their own unique personality! Whether they're a goofy, hyper guys drama queen, energetic, smart, the natural born leader, guys, or a total sweetie pie, that's what makes each Guppy a Guppy! Bee Movie Game

Episode FormatEdit

All of the episodes follow the same basic format. Which consists of:

  1. Molly tries to say "It's time for Bubble Guppies!" but Gil will interrupt her. Eventually one/both of them, or someone else will say "It's time for Bubble Guppies!"
  2. The theme song plays, followed by the Little Fish announcing the episodes name.
  3. A character heading to school will come across something and then soon leave to head to school.
  4. The Guppies say hello to the audience and the staring Guppy will begin to discuss the above.
  5. Mr. Grouper then asks the Guppies some questions related to the subject before Molly, Gil or the both of them go to sing a song about it.
  6. A guppy will then go to a "shop" focusing on the topic and have to solve some questions to get what he or she needs. (Not in specials)
  7. It's then time for lunch! Usually a joke takes place between the three characters.
  8. Another Molly and Gil sketch takes place.
  9. The Guppies then play in class before Mr. Grouper talks some more about the topic. Usually going into the other side of it (For example: discussing bones for the first half, then doctors the second.)
  10. A dance song takes place, followed by outside time where a Guppy tells a story staring two or more other Guppies.
  11. Gil and Molly do another sketch.
  12. The Guppies go on a field trip that deals with the topic at hand.
  13. The show then concludes with a final, shorter Molly and Gil sketch.
  14. The credits then play.


While many characters (usually a fish, animal, or lobster) appear in the episodes. The main cast consist of 6 guppies, 1 dog,32 rusherz and a fish.

Molly: The lead girl of Bubble Guppies and Co-star along with Gil. Molly is caring and friendly, and very smart. She's usually the one who tries to tell Gil when he shouldn't do something that could get him into trouble, but he usually does not listen. She loves to sing! She is closest to Gil.

Gil: The lead boy and Co-star of Bubble Guppies. He's playful, perky, and full of energy! Which often lands him into trouble as a result. He's seen as the other leader of the group, next to Molly and seems closest to her and Nonny.

Goby: The boy with a vivid and off-beat imagination. One to match Deema's zany and over the top personality! Who he seems close in the episodes. He loves to invent new stories or ideas and shows an interest in acting too!

Deema: Her personality is as big as her hair! She's known as a Drama Queen and she lives up to that title on a daily basis. She's very affectionate with her friends and close to Oona and Goby.

Oona: Oona is the nicest member in the entire group! She may not get the most attention out of all three girls, but she's the gentlest and sweetest. She's also smart and a friend to all living things. From animals to plants, Oona is as nice as they come! She is closest to Deema and Nonny.

Nonny: The quietest member of the group and a perpetual frowner. Nonny seems to prefer keeping out of trouble and action and instead investigating it or watching from a distance. He's thoughtful and its very hard to witness him with a genuine smile or positive comment. He is closest to Gil and Oona.

Creation and DevelopmentEdit

Early BG
Bubble Guppies was originally set to premiere way back in 2006. At this time it was being produced by Nick Digital. However, work on other projects, such as the Beta Team Umizoomi "Umi-Zumi" kept it from being finished and it was put on hiatus. Finally, in 2007 a single episode "Happy Clam Day" was finished but it had many differences from the version of the episode that originally aired, such as Mr. Grouper being taller, only a dark orange, having smaller, more narrow eyes, and lower brown eyebrows, and his lips were MUCH thicker.  (see photo on left). He was also originally voiced by Jamie Watson and not Tino Insana.

In the proceeding Fall, Nickelodeon said to air the show for their 2007-2008 season. But by mid-2008 only 10 episodes were finished. That proceeding November, Viacom fired 720 staff members -- the whole studio.

After so many problems, Nickelodeon considered giving up the hopes of finishing developement for this show. But when the company "Wild Brain" heard about it, they decided to make some changes to the show. Work first beginning in Spring 2010 at Wild Brain's new in Los Angeles facility, and by December, 20 episodes were finished and Nickelodeon decided to pick it up again and it was a success.


Bubble Guppies Behind The Scenes

Bubble Guppies Behind The Scenes


Bubble Guppies Tunes 51 Bubble Guppies Commercial Song

Bubble Guppies Tunes 51 Bubble Guppies Commercial Song

Bubble Guppies Dance

Trivia highEdit

  • The series was made by the co-creator, as well as the people who also worked, on "The Backyardigans".