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Season 1Edit

1a Call a Clambulance

1b The Crayon Prix

2 Bubble Puppy

3a Build me a Building

3b Ducks in a Row

4 The Grumpfish Special

5a The Moon Rocks

5b Who's gonna play the big bad wolf 

6a We Totally Rock

6b Fisketball

7a The Legend of Pinkfoot

7b Gup Gup and Away

8a The Spring Chicken is Coming

8b Boy Meets Squirell

8c Have a Cow

9 The Shrimptenal Celebration

10 Happy Clam Day

11a Can you dig it 

11b Bubble Bites

12 The Haunted House Party

Season 2Edit

1 X marks the Spot

2 Happy Holidays Mr Grumpfish

3 The Lonely Rhino 

4 Bubble Puppy's Fin-Tastic Fairytale

5a The Cowgirl Parade 

5b Firefighter Gil to the Rescue

6 A Tooth on the Looth

7a Humungu-Truck

7b Check it Out 

7c The Beach Ball

7d The Sizzeling Scampinis

8a Cunstruction Pchyed

8b Bubble-Cadabra

9a Bubble Duckies

9b The Triple Track Train

10 Only The Sphinx Nose

11a Sir Nonny The Nice

11b Bring on the Bugs

12 Good Hair Day

Season 3Edit

1a Get ready for School

1b The Police Cop-ettion

2a The Elephant Truck-a-Dunk

2b The Ballet Bowl

3a The Wizard of Oz-trallia

3b The Artic Life

4 Puppy Love

5 The Puppy and The Ring

6 The Amusment-Parking Lot

7 Good Morning Mr. Gumpfish

8 The Oyster Bunny

9a The Unidentified Orchestra

9b Come To your Senses

9c The Bee-athon

9d Party at sea

10a Bubble-Scrubbies

10b Swim-tastic Check-up

10c Gobble Gobble Guppies

10d A Very Guppy Christmas

11a PuddleBall

11b The Running of The Bullfrogs

12a Fruit Camp

12b Bubbble Kitty

13a Super Guppies 

13b A Dolphin is a Guppy's Best Friend

Season 4Edit

1a The Glitter Games

1b The Costume Boxing

2a The New Doghouse

2b Guppy Movers

3 BatterBall

4a The temple of the lost puppy

4b Space Guppies

5 The New Year's Dragon

6 Sheepdoggy

7 Bubble Baby

8 Guppy Style 

9 The Summer Camp Games

10 Trick or Treat Mr Grumpfish

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