In class everyone is playing Nonny uses hand sanitizer Oona says goodbye to those germs mr grouper pretends the sticker is a germ they spread germs everywhere on the guppies they keep it up until Mr. Grouper catches a cold.Then he tells everyone it's time to go outside.

Story time

Outside to play Gil and Molly are superheroes who protect the city from sickness. The hear a sneeze and discover that the Running Nose is spreading his sickness to workers. Gil uses his powers to clean the workers. They see the Running Nose approach the old factory. Quickly they both make it there and Molly comes up with a plan to capture the Running Nose. Molly decides to put out a trap by using her powers. They catch the Running Nose in the trap, lift him up and tie him to a pole inside the old factory. The heroes confront the Running Nose and he is surprised to realize that he was spreading his sickness to the workers. Gil suggests that he should sneeze into his sleeve next time. They untie him from the trap and he promises to never sneeze into the air like that again.

Deema invites everyone to the scrub'em up dance.

2nd molly and gil sketch

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