"Check it out" is the song from the episode "Check It Out!" It is sung by Molly and the other Guppies.
Library Dance



Molly: if your looking for adventure, Pirates out at sea, 'robots from the future, or a T-rex running free!

Oh what a story that would be, won't you share it with meeeee...

It isn't very hard!

Oona, Goby: Yeah, You can do it too!

Molly: When you got a Library card

Deema: Awoo. Awoo.

Molly: Glad to take a book

Gil: you can borrow it anything

Molly: so you can have a look

Molly and goby: but it won't cost a dime

All: unless you don't bring it back on time

Molly: so you can check it out read about something new then pass it along after your through

Check it out, read another book to me!

And we can travel the world, from A to Z~

At the Library...

Gil: When I read, my favorite book. It takes me far awaaay...'

Even when, it's raining outside. I've got a sunny da~aaay...

Molly: Take it home now!

Molly: So Check it out, read it til the day its due! Cause books were made to share, share with me and youuu

Check it out, read it now, we all agree! 'That we'll bring it back, back to the Library....


Bubble Guppies Check It Out! Theme Song!01:33

Bubble Guppies Check It Out! Theme Song!


  • Here's what all the guppies read about:
    • Molly: princesses
    • Gil: Pirates
    • Oona: (unknown, looks to be animals/dogs)
    • Nonny: Robots
    • Goby: Magic
    • Deema: Dinosaurs
  • Although not typically styled, the home Gil is shown in may be his actual home.
  • For one split moment at the beginning of the song when Molly does the robot, if one listens you can hear autotune being used.


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