Circus, Circus is the first song of the episode "The Sizzling Scampinis!". It is sung by Molly and features the other Guppies



Molly : Theres this fabulous show that takes place in a tent!

With lions and bears and huge elephants

Theres popcorn and peanuts and cotton candy

All kinds of performers, who knows what we'll see

We'll find our seats as the lights go slowly down

Spotlight swells thorgh the crowds,music swell

Look out they sent in the clowns

Circus, circus, I really want to go

Take us, take us, take us to the circus

A big top never stops world's greatest traveling show

Take us to the circus

Slapstick,magic tricks, clowns. clowns, come on quick lets go

Gil : Ladies and gentlemen now appering in the center is The' sizzling Scampinis

Molly : The ringmaster calls for your attention please

See daring young girls on their flying trapeze

Acrobats stumble and fly throught the air

Men wrestle with lions with hardly a care

Riders stand on the backs of ponies and prace

Where else can you see bears, bears that can dance

Circus, circus, I really want to go!

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