Clam and Sam
Clam is a frequent Bubble Guppies Character. He seems to be the class pet, as he lives inside the Classroom.

Usually he isn't very happy or cheerful, sounding very monotone in voice with a bored or annoyed expression. But he can get the Guppies attention when Mr. Grouper can't.

Clam is voiced by Rob Paulsen.


As said, Clam usually does not seem happy or in a good mood. But he isn't really loud, violent, or rude. It just takes a lot to make him happy! For instance, he really cares for his cousin, Sam. Who the Guppies found after Clam tried to mail himself to his cousin for Clam Day!

Despite how he is, Clam simply allows the Guppies to play with him or do as they like. Such as how in the very first episode, despite his annoyance, he let Gil and Nonny put bandages all over him. Then claimed that his boo-boo's felt "all Better".

It's never really been shown his relationship with the guppies, so it is unknown how he feels about the main cast.


Clam looks like a typical Clam Shell. He is silvery-gray in color with tiny black eyes. Usually he is frowning or scowling and appears bored. But very rarely he can be seen smiling too!

Rarely he will be dressed with a hat or accessory.

Objects Clam has worn/been seen with:Edit

  • Party Hat
  • Bandages
  • Microphone
  • Headphones with microphone built in




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