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The color monster is a creature who appears during the story told in The Crayon Prix! As its name implies, it is a sea monster that likes to drink up all of the color!

Color Monster is voiced by Frank Welker.


The Color Monster is a somewhat dimwitted sea monster that talks in a very goofy manner. It is possibly greedy, as it never bothered to consider what it was actually doing to the world around it because of all the colors he'd suck up, then leave to suck up more. Especially considering he didn't bother to put the tubes back in, wasting the colors.

He felt saddened when Deema finally stopped him, but she also gave him a never-ending rainbow that he could drink from so that he'd not have to steal the actual colors anymore.


The color monster is a giant, light gray-like monster. He looks to be heavy, but is mostly only seen from the stomach up, due to only exposing himself partially out of the water. He has very small eyes and a very big mouth/snout. His wings and hair are a slightly darker shade of gray.

A neat feature to the color monster is that when he drinks a color, his qualities also change to match this color.



"Red is my favorite color!"

"My favorite color is blue!"

"But they're my favorite colors!"

"Every color of the rainbow!"


  • The color monster coming out of the water somewhat makes it a reference to Godzilla. Also, it may possibly reference the lockness monster, who lives in the scottish seas.


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