Dance Songs are the other typs of songs/music to appear in the series. Usually before the Guppies go outside. However in season 2, this seems to have switched orders. While others have sung the Dance Song, usually it is Deema who sings them. Sometimes when a guppy is in a story, after the story, sometimes the guppy swims up to the viewers and tells them it’s time to dance. And sometimes when a guppy finishes a story, it hangs upside-down and swims down to tell the viewers it’s time to dance.

A Dance Song is basically a short song in which 2 Guppies get up and dance with the singer. Who often encourages the viewers to dance with them. It makes them get up and move! A Dance song usually takes place higher in the classroom where a plain wall sits behind the guppies with a symbol/design on it to reflect the song and episode theme. The dancers stand atop of tall pieces of coral-like structures. Some of the dance songs have the same tune as diffrent many dance songs. And usually in season 1, the singer never says when I say go during a dance song. In the other seasons, they say when I say go before telling the audience what to do. Sometimes they don’t

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  • Only trice did a dance song consist of 2 people, instead of 3. This being The Spring Chicken Dance, and The Pet Rap,
  • Nineteen ( Dance version ) was the dance song Oona got to lead. She was also the singer in the turkey dance.
  • When one dancer is on the last stage, it’s actually the second dancer.
  • Molly has sung a few dance songs in all the seasons. She only sang 1 in season 1 and 2. And she sang 4 in season 3 and 4. The only dance song Molly sang that had Gil and Nonny as backup dancers was in the episode Bubblecadabra. The only dance song Molly also sang that had Oona and Deema as Backup dancers was in the episode The glitter games.
  • Gil has sung several dance songs, 1 in season 1, and many in season 2 and 3. However, none in season 4.
  • Goby has sung 4 dance songs in season 1 and 1 in season 2.
  • Deema has sung so many dance songs in all the seasons like Molly.
  • Oona has never sung any dance songs. But she’s great at singing a few things in dance songs and chanting them. Though she got to lead Nineteen ( Dance version ) and the turkey dance.
  • Nonny doesn’t sing any dance songs like Oona.
  • Some of the dance songs have the same tune. But in season 3 The elephant dance and The dog dance had different tunes.


Most of the guppies sing in different many tunes.