Deema's produce party was a song sung by Deema during her shop segment on "Bubble Bites".

There are only two lines, with the second one being sung with someone else.


  • Deema
  • Oona (backup singer)


Deema: At Deema's produce par~ty, you'll want to dance and holler. Where every good and five a day, will only cost one dollar, eyee!

Deema and Oona: We bought some lovely pro~duce, bananas by the bunch. But now the parties over, because it's time for lunch!


Bubble Guppies Tunes 50 Deema's Produce Party00:25

Bubble Guppies Tunes 50 Deema's Produce Party


This song makes it the first, and so far only, time that the guppies don't ordinarily say it's time for lunch. They sing it in the reprise.


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