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This Page is for describing the relationship between Deema and Nonny. They are 1 of 9 couples featured in the series and as such, this page is for facts and information on the two of them together.

Please keep this page accurate and do not tamper with it.


  • In Have a Cow, they did a shop segment together
  • In The Crayon Prix, they did a storybook segment together
  • In The Grumpfish Special, they did a shop segment together
  • In The Lonely Rhino, they did a shop segment together
  • In We Totally Rock, they did a shop segment together
  • In The Beach Ball, Deema helps Nonny putting sunscreen on his back
  • Deema is the only one who calls nonny his private nickname 'Nonners' but he does not mind
  • He was the backup dancer in most of Deema's dance songs in season 2
  • They are the same skin coulor
  • In the episode i need to rock Deema smiled at Nonners and he smiled back. 

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