Doctor is a female Lobster who appears in the very first Bubble Guppies episode, "Call a Clambulance!"

It's possible she works as both the Doctor and a Nurse, as someone who looks exactly like her appears during one point, so most-likely it is her. It's also possible she may also be exclusively a childrens doctor.

Doctor Lobster is voiced by Lani Minella (Or Candi Milo).


A very kind, gentle, and caring Doctor. She takes very good, caring care for her patients. Though it may be because she knows it's easier to act non-abrasive with them, as it would only make things difficult.

She is also very smart and helped Avi after he got hurt. At the end of the episode, she also sang with the Guppies during the reprise of "A Bunch of Bones".


The Doctor is a red-pink Lobster. As said, she is a female as identified by her voice and short brown, bob-cut hair. Her bangs are straightly curved and frame her face. She has small black eyes, mouth, and eyebrows but wears a dark blue/black pair of glasses.

Normally, Doctor will wear a Doctor's shirt/jacket. It almost appears as a dress on her, and may possibly be one.


"Now the bones in your body will heal really fast!"


  • Despite what one may believe, Lobsters do not have bones on the inside of their body like humans or other animals. Their shell is the skeleton/bone.
  • Despite the VA confusion, it's been revealed that originally Doctor's voice was to be by Maddie Blaustein. However, she died in 2008-2009, a few years before Bubble Guppies finally began to air.


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