The Dragon is a character who appears during the storytime segment in the episode, "Build Me a Building!". He is a Graham Cracker thief who would easily burn down the structures Princess Deema had the royal builders make so that she could hide them.

He would eat the entire box of graham crackers, then make a funny expression while flying off. Momentarily content and not at all mean!

His voice actor is unknown.


The Dragon isn't honestly mean or rude to others, but he'll simply take the graham crackers because he knows he can, due to his strength and intimidating nature. He may be somewhat...slow in the head, but its possible he really is nice when not trying to take away someone's graham crackers, which are most likely his favorite food.

When realizing he couldn't eat them after so many times, he burst into tears and Deema and the builders realized that he just really liked Graham Crackers. So the princess made a deal with the dragon that as long as he stop stealing them and ruining her things, then she would share them with him.


Dragon is a very big, oddly shaped dragon that seems to be a dry-red color with light orange/dark tan underside. His tail curls with a single triangle point at the tip and he has somewhat floppy ears and small, spiked wings. He has semi-big eyes and small fanged teeth, and his tongue is apparently blue!


  • Older fans refer to this Dragon as the "Derp Dragon", due to the face he makes after each time he steals the graham crackers.
  • The dragon appears in one of the newest Bubble Guppies game on Nick Jr as a small obstacle in the level. However, he does not make the "derp" face.


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