"Fishketball!" is the episode 10 of season 1. It first aired March 1st, 2011.
Nonny Gilly
"We Totally Rock!" aired before it, and "The Legend of Pinkfoot" after it.


Gil meets a pair of fish playing volleybubble, but when Gil learns Nonny doesn't know how to catch a ball and the guppies prepare for a game of fishketball, Gil tries to teach him. But can Nonny win the game?




After the themeEdit

Gil is on his way to school when he notices a group of fish playing a game together. One fish blows a bubble and another plays with it and they proceed to play with the bubble back and fourth until it pops. Gil asks for one of the bubbles before heading on his way to class. He shows the other guppies how to play this game before it pops and all of them are soon amazed by such a fun, creative game!

This inspires Mr. Grouper to teach them about the other types of games someone can play that involves balls. To which Molly then begins to sing, "Choose The Right Ball".

Shop SketchEdit

Deema opens a shop for balls! Molly comes in to ask for a big blue ball but Deema doesn't know which ball she is looking for. She keeps picking the wrong ball but eventually she get's it, then gives it to Molly. Lunchtime then rolls around!

Molly and GilEdit

Gil has a ball shooting machine that can shoot any ball they can think of. Molly pushes a button and fires out a Soccer ball. Gil plays around with it, kicks it, and shouts "GOOOOOOOOOAL!" Molly presses the button again and gets a baseball. Gil is up to bat and knocks the ball out of the set earning a home run! Molly presses the button again and strangely gets a meatball. Gil is confused about a meatball setting and gets hit by a meatball and goes ahead and eats it. Goby comes by and tells them it's time for recess.

Class TimeEdit

Outside, all of the Guppies are playing with balls. Gil grabs a dodgeball, then throws it to Nonny who ends up closing his eyes and missing it. Gil picks up the ball and asks Nonny why he didn't catch it, to which Nonny reveals he doesn't know how to catch balls. Gil then begins to explain how catching and throwing balls work, as well as telling Nonny to focus his eyes straight on the ball and he tries to throw it again.

Nonny doesn't catch it and sadly believes he will never learn how to catch balls properly but Mr. Grouper believes it to be possible. He also tells Nonny to just keep practicing. Gil promises to teach Nonny some more on catching and Mr. Grouper shows everyone how to throw a ball through a ring of Fish! Nonny deems it as "Fisketball". Mr. Grouper then proceeds to show more uses of balls. Deema then begins to sing!

Story TimeEdit

The guppies go outside to play. Deema and Oona are pretending to be pirates playing a game with balls. They begin to play with a football when a ball hog shows up. They invite him to play, but he just steals the ball! They then play with a Soccer Ball but he takes this ball too!

They begin to wonder if maybe he doesn't know how to share and confront the Ball Hog. Who tells them he doesn't know about sharing. And so, Deema and Oona decide they'll teach him and let him play with them as the story comes to an end.

Molly and Gil 2Edit

Molly is impressed with the viewers for teaching the Ball Hog how to share and Gil tells her it's time for the big Fishketball game as the fish swim on by. Mr. Grouper, as their coach, tells them to head out to the field.

Field TripEdit

The guppies are being told my Mr. Grouper that he has arranged a game of Fisketball for them. The players are Gil, Molly, Oona, and Nonny. Deema and Goby choose to cheer them on. Gil asks Nonny if he remembers what to do, and Nonny tells him he does. The announcer then explains the rules and how to play Fisketball. Mr. Grouper then tosses the ball to Molly, who then passes it to Gil, who throws it to Oona and the fish create a circle but Oona misses! Molly tells her it was a good try though and she picks up the ball and passes it to the viewers.

The viewer then passes it to Gil and the fish swim by again. They finally stop once more by Nonny and Gil throws the ball to him! Nonny watches and puts his arms out to catch it. Very shocked, the fish tell him to hurry up and shoot the ball. And so he proceeds to do so... and Nonny scores and wins the game!

Everyon rushes over to Nonny and they congradulate him for winning. Clam goes down to ask Nonny how he won and he explains it was because he focused on the ball and kept his arms out. He also thanks Gil for teaching him and the episode comes to an end...

Final Molly and Gil ActEdit

Molly is happy that Nonny learned how to catch and their team won the game. Gil gets so excited over the game that he simply faints with joy.


Nonny: I caught it... I... I caught it!


  • Oona's tail appears Red during Lunch. This is because she was wearing sport playing pants. Ironically, during beta stages of the show Oona's theme color was Red.
  • Fisketball is the Bubble Guppy variant of Basketball. While VolleyBubble is Volley Ball.
  • The Bubble blowing fish is the same one who blew Colored Bubbles during "The Crayon Prix!"
  • When this episode was being created at Nick Digital, there was a scene in which Molly helped one of the Little Fish play bubble ball. It was deleted, but it is currently being shown as an interstitial on Nick Jr.
  • While the guppies are playing outside when Gil plays catch with Nonny, Oona doesn't seem to be playing with her ball. Instead, she is swinging on the swings with it.
  • When the scene moves to Molly and Gil Molly is seen wearing her purple knapsack


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