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The typical Culprit: Deema

A Fourth Wall, is a term describing the thing that keeps a show or cartoon seperate from reality. It's not a literal thing, just a term for "Characters who directly speak or make gestures towards the screen".

This also happens to be how many childrens shows work, as the characters are "speaking" to the audience.

In Bubble Guppies the fourth wall has been broken multiple times! Often, Deema is the one doing it but as they all look towards the "camera" and screen, they've all been doing it! This page shall list the many examples of Fourth Wall occurances.


(Things that happen often)

  • The guppies introduce themselves to the audience during the theme song.
  • Almost all of the times the guppies will be looking at the screen/camera and talk to the audience. For example, they greet the viewers upon entering the classroom.
  • During Story time, if Nonny is the one telling the story (or sometimes not) he tends to pop in to explain confusing words while in the middle of the story. Breaking the fourth wall in the show itself!


(A small, or hidden instance that only occures once or twice during episodes)

  • Near the end of, "Can You Dig It?" Deema can be seen waving to the screen during a split second. She also does this in X Marks the Spot.
  • At the end of "Bubble Puppy!" Bubble Puppy licks the screen, representing the audience/viewer.
  • At the end of the Crayon Prix episode, Purple Paint splashes all over the screen/viewer!
  • In Fishketball!, Molly passes the ball to the viewer, who then throws it to Gil.