This page is for describing the relationships Gil has with his fellow Guppies and one-shot characters

Main CharactersEdit


Gil's best Girl friend. Both Molly and Gil are hosts of Bubble Guppies and are considered to be the leaders of the group and prospective gender. Molly is the voice of reason behind Gil's hyper and sometimes gullible behavior. He tends to always listen to her advice,he really cares for Molly. In fact he does have feelings for her they have hugged 3 times and has been seen holding hands. For example at the end of the cowgirl parade episode Gil comments how well Molly did. They also share and sing songs together like in bubble puppies fintastic fairytale he sings along with Molly. Also he has been seen looking at Molly multiple times in lots of episodes


Both of them are just good friends and he doesn't seem as close to her as he does to Molly. Both also tend to be similiar in behavior, while also being opposites, such as how they both are very hyper and the goofiest out of the bunch in terms of Gender. But Gil is also careless, which Deema really isn't. And she tends to be a drama queen while he's reletively calmer in that department.

Some fans tend to think it is GobyXDeema (which it is)


The chance of liking each other is not much. many fans like to pair them up due to how opposite they are. Such as Gil being very hyper and careless. While Oona is very caring, loving, and gentle. They often appear together, when not with their mian opposite gendered friend (Molly and Nonny), and it's also worth noting that Gil's favorite color is purple, while Oona's main theme color is Purple! Gil does not have a crush on Oona and that means they aren't even friends. He only has feelings for Molly and the boys and sometimes Deema.


Gil feels that Nonny is his best friend. The two male Guppies even noticeably look alike but it's mainly their hair. However, he seems to lack much interaction with Nonny oddly enough.


Bubble PuppyEdit

Gil was the one instantly smitten by the cute pooch after the Little Fish helped him locate the small puppy. He was just heart-broken when he thought he could never own such a pup, especially when someone else bought him! Until he learned their teacher did it since Gil and the others proved how well they could handle having a pet of their own.

While he is everyone's pet, Bubble Puppy is closest to Gil and usually seen with him.

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Miss Jenny