This page is for describing Gil's appearances in each episode. You can find a list of episodes that star him, as well as information in each of his roles and so fourth.

  • The Crayon Prix!: Gil kept expressing his love of Purple. Near the end of the episode, he ends up crashing his purple car, so he couldn't complete his part of the Prix until Molly and Deema realized they could make purple by mixing their colors.
  • Bubble Puppy!: Gil was very sad after he had to leave Bubble Puppy, but at the end of the episode, the Guppies adopted him!
  • We Totally Rock!: Both Gil and Goby wanted to form a band. Eventually his cymbol goes missing and he worries he wont be able to play in the concert they hold.
  • Fishketball!: In this episode, Gil became interested in a game and after some playing. Mr. Grouper had set it up for the Guppies to play in a real game against another team. Unfortuantely, Nonny struggled and Gil helped him learn how to catch a ball. At the big game, Gil threw the ball to Nonny and he caught it. Nonny threw it through the circle of fish and they won the game. Nonny also thanked Gil for helping him.
  • Gup, Gup, and Away!: Gil and Deema became interested in airplanes and they got to fly in a real one near the end of the episode!
  • Happy Clam Day!: In this episode, Gil and Molly catch Clam trying to mail himself to his cousin, Sam.
  • Bubble Bites: The guppies learn about going to the Super Market when you need something. Gil had helped get a runaway cart and was given Bubble Bites to give to Bubble Puppy.
  • Haunted House Party!: Gil's fear of ghost comes up in this episode. He dressed as a Mummy during it.
  • X Marks the Spot!: Gil and Molly learn about pirates and treasures. At the end of the episode they are led to a treasure too!
  • Happy Holidays, Mr. Grumpfish!: Gil and the other Guppies helped get Mr. Grumpfish into the holiday spirit.
  • The Lonely Rhino: Helped Monty, the Lonely rhino find a friend!
  • Bubble Puppy's Fin-tastic Fairytale Adventure!: Gil helped to save Bubble Puppy and everyone in the world from turning into frogs!
  • Firefighter Gil to the Rescue!: Gil got stuck with Bubble puppy, then began to learn about Firefighters and what-not. At the end of the episode, he even saved the firefighter!
  • Humunga-Truck!: Molly and Gil got interested in trucks after they watched one get towed away after it got a flat tire. Then during the truck show, they got to see Humunga-truck!
  • Good Hair Day: Gil's hair was too long and too messy but Miss Jenny cut it just the way he likes it and his hair isn't messy anymore.


  • Call a Clambulance!: Gil pretended that Clam is sick with Nonny. He was part of the episodes story with Deema where they travel around a jungle to fix up some hurt and sick animals. They keep being chased by a Gorilla.
  • Build Me a Building!: Gil was the shop customer and needs a tool that goes "bam bam bam." He was also part of the episodes story where they tried to build a protecting enviroment for the Princesses Graham Crackers.
  • Ducks in a Row!: Gil was the shop customer and needs an instrument that'll keep him with a marching beat. He had a drum. He and Oona played their instruments together.
  • The Grumpfish Special!: Gil was Super Waiter in the episodes Story.
  • The Moon Rocks: Gil was the shop customer with Nonny and they both would like to share a full moon pizza.
  • Who's Gonna Play the Big Bad Wolf?: Gil and Goby had to act like mastadons while passing them to get to the stage.
  • The Legend of Pinkfoot: Gil was a moon scout in the episodes Story.
  • The Spring Chicken is Coming!: Gil narrated the story for the first time.
  • Boy Meets Squirrel: Gil was a tree person in the story with Goby and Oona.

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