When the episode begins, Molly realizes it's Picture Day. She and the other guppies look their best. All except Gil. His hair grew too long and too messy so he needs to get his hair cut for Picture Day. As the guppies arrive to Miss Jenny's, everyone realizes it is a long line. Gil asks how is he gonna get his haircut before Picture Day. Mr. Grouper replies to him "You'd better get in line." Gil gets in the back of the line while the others volunteer Miss Jenny. In the end of the disco, the line is clear and it's Gil's turn. He sits in the seat wearing a purple cape while his hair is washed and cut just the way he likes it and his hair isn't long or messy anymore. Then he swims on the pink carpet just in time for Picture Day. After their picture is taken, Molly sees him again. She compliments she likes his haircut at the end of the episode and he thanks her.

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