Trolling Gorilla
A voiceless Gorilla who appears mutliple times during the song, "At The Zoo" in the episode "The Lonely Rhino".

The Gorilla is famous amongst fans for "trolling" the guppies and viewers by appearing in random locations while making the peace sign behind someones head.

As it does not sing or say anything, nobody voices Gorilla.


This Gorilla is very cheeky! He loves to tease, prank, and spend time with others. Usually this makes them laugh and enjoy his company, but it may surprise them at first as he sneaks behind them to hold the "peace sign" fingers behind their heads until they notice he is there.


Compaired to the Gorilla featured during the story in the episode "Call a Clambulance!", this Gorilla is not as detailed or scary looking. In fact, he looks very happy! He is purple-gray in color with lilac hands, face, and stomach. It's fingernails are dark purple to match its outer coloring.

He seems to have a gap in the direct center of his mouth and a snout resembling a pigs. His eyes are usually-always closed.



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