Guppy Style! is the eleventh episode of Season 4. It's a special one hour movie event.

Guppy Style! (Part 2) is the twelfth episode of Season 4.

Characters Featured Edit

  • Molly
  • Gil
  • Goby
  • Deema
  • Oona
  • Nonny
  • Bubble Puppy
  • Mr. Grouper
  • Little Fish
  • Stylee
  • Max
  • Dusty and Rusty
  • The Kickball Team
  • Sandy
  • Demanda
  • Officer Miranda

Plot Edit

The Guppies hit the road to see a concert by Stylee, a singing sensation known for her fabulous styles; Molly becomes a pop star to step on stage with Stylee.

Summary Edit

Songs Edit

Pop Song: Rock Your Style!

Trivia Edit

Due to his cowlick Gil got chased by a cow in the desert some seagulls down at the beach

Image Edit

Guppy Style Preview

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