Happy Holdays Mr. Grumpfish is the second episode of season 2.


The Bubble Guppies try to make Mr.Grumpfish happy for a holiday party.



The episode starts with Mr. Grouper greeting the viewers happy holidays. Bubble puppy barks and Mr.Grouper says that he likes the the holidays too, but he knows someone who hates the holidays. Bubble puppy whimpers, while Mr Grouper confirms that it's true. He asks both bubble puppy and the viewers if they wish to hear the story. Both agree and then he starts to read the story.

Act 1Edit

Everyone is getting ready for the holidays, especially for the Christmas night. Molly delivers gifts, Gil delivers mail, Goby the fireman sets the Christmas lights, Deema cooks the cookies, Oona the policewoman is excited, and Nonny makes candy. When Gil delivers his final mail, he was surprised that it is for Mr. Grumpfish, who doesn’t like the holidays. So he asked Molly to accompany him to deliver it to him. They knocked the door, and Mr. Grumpfish opens it. Molly kindly give him the letter, and he rudely replies that he doesn’t like the holidays, and he slams the door, and Gil got hit by snow from above.

Meanwhile, Goby was busy setting up the lights for the night, with the help of Mr. Grouper and Oona. And everyone except Deema come together and learning about the holidays. When they were talking about cookies in Chirstmas, Deema suddenly interrupts, Mr. Grouper told what was wrong with Deema and Deema says she needed cookies to bake for the holiday party tonight and told everyone that the cookies weren’t done. Deema starts to cry. So Gil offered help and begins the shop section.

Shop SketchEdit

Gil helped Deema finishing her cookies. Which looks like a clock, but the numbers are missing and Gil and Deema needs to add the missing numbers so that the cookies are done. After they did that, Gil came out of the shop for Lunch Time.

Act 2Edit

After that Goby sets the lights and begins try to turn them on. When the lights were on, the citizens all clapped with glee. Mr. Grumpfish passed by and all the guppies chased him, and convince him to join the Christmas celebration. He rudely replied that he hates the holidays and starts crying. After that, the Guppies went inside Mr. Grouper to find out how to cheer him up. Then Molly saw a photo of Mr. Grumfish with a smile and a Gingerbread House. So they make a gingerbread house on Mr. Grumpfish’s house. Molly told them to find candy and gingerbread and marshmallow frostings. But the way to find marshmallow frostings is by going to Marshmallow Mountain, but there’s the abonable snowman. So Molly, Oona, and Goby goes to Marshmallow mountain.

Story TimeEdit

So they went to the mountain, and found a puddle of marshmallow frosting and then the abominable snowman appears and they runaway. So they found a lake full of marshmallow frosting, they try to take it but the abominable snowman appears. So they ran and they found a waterfall full of marshmallow frosting. It takes 10 seconds to get the marshmallow frosting in the truck. After that, the abominable snowman appears and they explained why they took the marshmallow frosting. The abominable snowman understands and lets them go back.

Act 3Edit

When they arrived, everyone starts to make Mr. Grumpfish’s House look like a gingerbread house. When they finish, Molly knocks on Mr. Grumpfish's door, but Grumpfish just slams the door and snow once again lands on Gil's hat. The clock then strikes 8, and just as the guppies to the party without Molly, she mentions about the spirit of Christmas, and the guppies begin to sing a carol, thus, making Mr. Grumpfish finally come outside. Happy of his house being a gingerbread one, he admits that he likes the holidays like them. And so, the Chirstmas party then starts, and at the end, Mr Grouper gets a group picture of the guppies and Grumpfish, ending the episode.



This is the first special

This is the first episode that doesn't start with a molly and Gil sketch