Hospital Outside
The Hospital is the field trip and setting location featured in "Call a Clambulance!"

It is a big, typical hospital. It's very white themed with pale tans, reds, and pinks.

The Hospital seems to be pretty advanced, in terms of technology. Such as having X-ray light up walls, moving parts of mechanical devices to pull x-ray screens up and down from the walls and so fourth.

Only one Clambulance was shown, but it most likely does have at least a couple.


The outside of the Hospital is very basic. It's shown to be a multi-floored building (also shown inside) and has one or two noticeable exits and entrances. One being a front glass door and the other being a side door where the Clambulance can drop off patients.

The Hospital has many windows all over the outside. This being both sides, the front section, and multiple small circle/bubble windows. Most likely one for each room.

The parking lot for the Hospital is also very basic. Most hospitals have multilayer garages for parking, as well as free, and pay for parking lots. But this Hospital seems to lack the Garage, though it may just not be visible during the episode.

On the side of the door is a red symbol with a white Fish on it, to symbolize that it is the Hospital.


Reception Desk
The inside of the Hospital, much like the outside has a pink, white, and tan theme. The walls seem to be pink, while desk and objects are white, and the floor a sandy-texture of tan. It may be carpet, or hard surface.

The windows look different on the inside then they do the outside. However, it may be because this room is on a different side of the building not shown on the outside.

There is a single Receptionist sitting at the desk who handles in and out patients, as well as guest and patient general info.



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