Episode 8 of Season 2, and 28th of the entire series. It first aired on May 25th, 2012, before the episode "Check It Out!" and after the episode "It's A Tooth On The Looth".


The Bubble Guppies learn all about different kinds of trucks on their way to the big Truck show!




Molly greets the audience and tries to say, "It's time for Bubble Guppies" but a loud trucks horn stops her. She tries again and this happens twice-more until the truck finally reveals itself. Gil honks the horn, then says "It's time for Bubble Guppies!"

After the themeEdit

Both Molly and Gil are on their way to school when they hear a vehicle. Molly asks the viewer if they know the source of the sound and see a truck behind them. They approach it and the woman driver explains she accidentally drove it into the sand and now its stuck. She can't get it out, but a tow-truck should be coming soon. It's then the tow truck appears! The small crab explains what happened and the male lobster assures her it won't take long. Gil asks him how he will get it out and he explains how the hook of his truck works. With ease he is able to get her truck free and the crab drives away.

The lobster makes small conversation with Gil before he gets a message and has to leave. So Molly and Gil say farewell and they head to class. Molly explains what they saw, and Gil calls it awesome. Deema points out how much she loves icecream before they begin to discuss different types of trucks. Like a firetruck, garbage truck, and a mail truck.

Molly then sings, "Trucks are Tough".

Shop SketchEdit

Deema goes to a truck loading location and Gil comes to pick up all the toy trucks. Deema doesn't think they will all fit, so Gil mentions he can make them fit by just moving around some things. And so, he and the little fish carefully fill in the empty gaps with the boxes that match the same shapes/sizes. With the rectangle, they combine two normal square boxes.

And so, with the boxes now fit into the truck, Gil closes the trunk and drives off as Mr. Grouper then comes by to tell them it's Lunchtime.

Molly and GilEdit

Gil comes by to ask Molly if she has seen an ice cream truck anywhere. Molly tells him she hasn't but Gil thinks the approaching truck is one. But its actually a fire truck and he accidentally sprays water all over himself, with enough force to send him flying back.

Class TimeEdit

In class the guppies play with a bunch of cute little toy trucks when Mr. Grouper assures them they will get to go to the truck show. They overlook the truck and point out the many trucks on the poster before pointing out Humunga-truck doesn't even look like a truck, however Mr. Grouper decides to leave it a surprise, then tells them it's time to go outside!

Story TimeEdit

Oona and Nonny are truck drivers and Goby is telling the story. One day Oona and Nonny were given the job to deliver a bunch of unicorns to a specific location. Oona asks Nonny why he looks so nervous and he informs her of the giant truck behind them. They deem it to be a monster truck and Oona quickly turns onto the highway in hopes of escaping it. It works, but just for a second. Oona suddenly makes a sharp off rude turn and thinks they may have lost them. But Nonny informs her they couldn't drive on this road too long as they may get a flat tire... and that's what happens...

So quickly Oona and Nonny put together a new tire for their truck. They look for one that has a pentagon shape in the center and can choose between a triangle, pentagon, or square. Oona counts the sides to make sure they match up before she puts it onto the old tire's slot. They then hurry up and continue to drive to rainbow county. But upon arrival the monster truck appears again! However, its revealed that the monster truck was saying "hey!" so much, because he had some hay for the unicorns!

And they all lived happily ever after...

And so, Goby sings "The Truck Dance".

Molly and Gil 2Edit

Molly explains how helpful trucks are, and a few of their uses as Gil comes by to ask about the ice cream truck again. This time another truck comes, but its a garbage truck! Gil curiously examines it and pulls a switch. All of the trash then falls on him!

Field TripEdit

The guppies go to the first national truck show. A snooty sounding woman announces the show and the trucks begin to drive through the stadium. Deem and Goby ride in the garbage truck, Oona and Nonny ride in the ice cream truck, and Molly and Gil (and bubble puppy) are shown to be in the fire truck. It's then Humunga-truck make his entrance, which gets everyone, including the guppies very excited to see it work. But suddenly Humunga-truck gets stuck! Molly asks the audience which truck would help the poor stuck truck and they get the tow truck to yank it out of the mud.

And then, Humunga-truck reveals how he can transform into a very big robot and the guppies dance with it as the episode concludes...

Final Molly and Gil ActEdit

Gil has finally gotten the ice cream truck to appear! Molly comments on how big it is, and Gil opens the truck for Molly to see how much its been filled and all of the chocolate-chip icecream falls out on him! However he doesn't seem to mind in the least and simply licks it as Molly giggle







  • This was the last episode to air during the original run of Season 2.
  • Humunga-truck seems to be a reference to Transformers. A group of robots that could transform into common vehicles and or weaponary.