This page lists each song in the series that have appeared. Going to each songs page you can see pics, lyrics, and maybe a video or two!

Also check the Theme Song's page, or maybe the Outside song, or even Lunchtime.

For information on the types of songs, see Pop Songs and Dance Songs.

Season 1Edit

Pop SdaadaEdit

  1. A Color Just Right
  2. I Want a Pet Today
  3. Build Me a Building (Song)
  4. The Band Plays On
  5. The Restaurant
  6. Sun, Beautiful Sun
  7. Our Great Play
  8. I Need To Rock! and We Totally Rock! (song)
  9. Choose The Right Ball
  10. Camping out, Camping outside
  11. We're Going On a Plane
  12. It's A Beautiful Day
  13. Hey, Mr. Tree
  14. The Farmer's Song
  15. Big Bubble City
  16. Mail, Mail, I Got A Letter
  17. La-la-la Long Time Ago
  18. Super, Super, Supermarket
  19. Spooky
  20. You were meant for me
  21. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
  22. Einstein
  23. There's always something new
  24. Waiting for Love
  25. Let me Love you
  26. Sober
  27. On the Floor

Dance SongsEdit

  1. Do The Check Up
  2. What Colors Mean
  3. The Pet Rap
  4. Construct With Me
  5. Everybody March
  6. Pizza Pie Dance, then later As Happy As Can Be
  7. Orbit Around
  8. If You Want To Be An Actor
  9. Gonna Rock It
  10. The Basketball Dance
  11. What Have You Got In Your Backpack?
  12. Hear That Engine Roar
  13. The Spring Chicken Dance
  14. Let's Get Recycling
  15. Milk The Cow
  16. Get Around
  17. Stick Your Hand In
  18. Can You Roar It, and He Found It
  19. The Shopping Dance, Also see Deema's Produce Party
  20. The Halloween Dance
  21. Do the Body Dance
  22. Electricity Song
  23. Won't hurt yourself Song
  24. The satellite tv Song
  25. The water resources Song
  26. The ice Song
  27. We are the grapes of math
  28. The Balls Song

Season 2Edit

Pop SongsEdit

  1. X Marks The Spot (Song)
  2. Who will save your soul
  3. Near you always
  4. Tonight Is A Holiday
  5. At The Zoo
  6. Once Upon A Time
  7. I Wanna Be A Cowgirl/Cowboy
  8. Here Comes the Firetruck
  9. Smile Song
  10. Trucks are Tough
  11. Check it out
  12. At The Beach
  13. Circus, Circus
  14. Is There A Job I Can Do For You
  15. Abracadabra
  16. If I Could Fly
  17. Take Me Away On A Train
  18. Nobody Nose
  19. Brave, Brave Knight
  20. Buggin' Out
  21. So Many Ways To Wear My Hair


Dance SongsEdit

  1. Dig Deep Down
  2. My War Song
  3. Do the Flostam Song
  4. The Christmas Carol, later Tonight Is A Holiday (Reprise)
  5. Kangaroo Jump
  6. She's Mean
  7. Cowboy/Cowgirl Dance
  8. Firefighter Dance
  9. Brush those Teeth, and Here She Is
  10. The Truck Dance
  11. Turn The Page
  12. Do The Swim and also Coconut Water
  13. Circus Dance
  14. Push That Dirt Away
  15. Wave Your Magic Wand
  16. The crocidle dance
  17. Raise your shield
  18. Flap those wings
  19. Train dance
  20. Ant dance
  21. Hair dance

Season 3


Pop songs

1.get ready for school

2.cops song

3.elephant song

4.ballet song


6.this is the arctic life.

7.a puppy is a guppy's best friend


9.everybody's wheels go round

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