Marching Bandit
The Marching Bandit is a rowdy Armbadillo that kept stealing Molly and Goby's cows from them by playing the music to distract them.

After they managed to get him asleep, Molly and Goby got their cows back from in and managed to trick him into the jail cell. But after he promised to be good from now on then they released him so that they could all play music together!

It's rumored that he is voiced by Tom Kenny.


The marching bandit loves to play music! But it was unknown why he wished to steal the cows to begin with.


The marching bandit is a brown and gray themed Armadillo. He has a long brown snout wand inside ear coloring, while underneath his outer "shell" he is much darker in color. He wears a brown cowboy hat and thin black mask over his eyes.




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