This page is to describe in further Molly's relationships with everyone she has come across in the series.

Main CharactersEdit


Gil is one of Molly's closest friends! They are both the leader of their genders as well as the Bubble Guppies and the show, the main characters, love-intrests and well liked by just about everyone! Many fans have also paired them up together. While they are close of friends, Molly is the one to cause some of the problems Gil ends up finding himself in. Usually by accident but sometimes as a joke. Normally she is the one to keep her overly-hyper friend in line and make sure he doesn't get hurt and into trouble.

Due to their closeness, Molly affectionately calls him "Gilly".


Molly and Deema are best friends and are the two girls who sing almost all of the time. Which would mean they both share common interest, even if their music genre's are different. Sometimes they even switch song roles!

Both girls will be caught singing, playing, acting, or dancing together. They often share other common interest too, such as when they both wished to enter the race in "The Crayon Prix!", and when Gil was unable to make purple in the race, Molly (in the blue car) and Deema (in the red car) both went over the obstacle and made purple.

Also, their friendship is shown during "Mail, Mail, I Got A Letter".


Some new fans to the series believe that Molly and Goby may be related to one-another, or of the same race but they are none of either. He is the only guppy Molly doesn't interact with at all, but a lot of the time when Molly is in the story, Goby will be the story teller.and they both have been in team guppy challenge.Nonny

Molly does not interact with Nonny as much as Oona or Deema do. But sometimes she is with him and she seems to genuinely care for him being happy. Most prominant being "Big Warm Friendly Smile" when she personally mentions wanting to see him smile at the very end of the song.

She also was his customer while he ran a Cake Shop, where they made a Big Bubble Building cake together.

Oona Edit

Molly is also close with Oona, though perhaps not as close as Deema and Oona are. Often Oona can be seen with Molly and in one episode, she even asked Molly to write a book with her. Molly often invites Oona to play with her too.

Bubble Puppy Edit

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Mr. GrouperEdit

Molly cares very much for Mr. Grouper and often is seen giving him hugs or speaking to him personally. He loves all of the Guppy equally and loves to play with them.

Minor CharactersEdit

(Characters that Molly interacted with in single episodes)

  • Farmer Joe: A farmer Molly encountered when she met his pregnant cow, Butterscotch. She was the one who got to chose the babies name, Puddin'
  • Dusty and Rusty: A cowgirl and her pony who Molly began to idolize in, "The Cowgirl Parade". She helped them during the parade at the end of the episode after a small calf was frightened and almost ran off of the nearby cliff. Her cowgirl frien then personally allowed her to ride with her as a result.


Lucas Johnson: Molly's father. He always loves her very much.  

Tina Marquez-Johnson: Molly's mother. She cooks supper every night.

Jenny Johnson: Molly's 16-year-old older sister. She wears her light blue hair in pigtails and drives her car. She and Molly share the same bedroom, but Molly sleeps on the bottom and Jenny sleeps on the top.

Olivia Johnson: Molly's 10-year-old older sister. She stays up til 10 or 11 o clock on school nights and babysits Molly while the parents, brothers and grandparents go to the anniversary and Jenny goes to prom.

Chris Johnson: Molly's 4-year-old younger brother. He likes to tease Molly and is always a pest.  

Tommy Johnson: Molly's 1-year-old younger brother. He is a baby and sleeps in a crib.  

Kayla Johnson: Molly's paternal grandmother who lives with Molly, her siblings and her parents as well as her maternal grandfather. Kayla loves Molly very much and is Lucas' mother.

Gus Marquez: Molly's maternal grandfather who has been divorced from her maternal grandmother. He now lives with his grandchildren, daughter, son-in-law and wife-in-law. He babysits Tommy while the Johnsons go on vacation.