This page is for describing Molly's appearences in each episode. You can find a list of episodes that star her, along with the other list of episodes.

Most of the episodes staring Molly are from Season 2.

Staring RolesEdit

  • The Crayon Prix!: In this episode, both Molly and Deema wanted to learn more about racing and near the end of the episode all of the Guppies got to compete in the Crayon Prix! Together with Deema, Molly was able to create the color Purple, which allowed them to win!
  • Have a Cow!: In this episode, Molly came by a farmer with a pregnate cow named Butterscotch. She wanted to learn more about Farming and eventually got to name the baby cow: Puddin'
  • Happy Clam Day!: Molly and Gil come across Clam, who is trying to mail himself so that he can see his cousin, Sam. This inspires the guppies to invite Sam to their school in order to meet with Clam.
  • X Marks The Spot: Molly and Gil meet a friendly pirate who has trouble finding his treasure. Inspiring them to pretend to be pirates, then eventually help find the treasure. Molly also stars in the Story, alongside Oona.
  • Happy Holidays, Mr. Grumpfish!: Molly tries very hard to get Mr. Grumpfish to attend a special Holiday party but he refuses until she notices a special picture of him where he seems very happy. It's then the guppies become inspired to try to encourage him to come and have a nice time.
  • The Lonely Rhino: Molly tries to find a nice friend for the rhino at the zoo they visit. Molly appears in the story alongside Oona.
  • Bubble Puppy's Fin-tastic Fairytale Adventure: Molly and the other Guppies are part of this "Fairy Tale" like special. Molly is Jill, from Jack and Jill.
  • The Cowgirl Parade: Molly meets a very cool Cowgirl and becomes inspired to become a cow girl herself! At the end of the episode she manages to save the day by rescusing the baby cow that got frightened during the parade.

Other EpisodesEdit