This page is for describing Mr. Grouper's relationships with other characters!

Main CastEdit


Mr. Grouper cares a lot for Molly and loves to play horsie with her!


Like Molly, Mr. Grouper usually tries to tell Gil when he might do something that may wind him in trouble.


Mr. Grouper always loves to listen to Goby's stories. He also supports his creative imagination and likes to hear his new ideas.

Deema Edit

Mr. Grouper is never annoyed by Deema's odd, off the wall behavior. He likes to see her act so supportive and up for anything.

Oona Edit

Very sweet and gentle, Mr. Grouper always compliments her or answers a question when Nonny does not. He shows concern for her whenever she seems sad and he likes to cheer her up.


Mr. Grouper knows of Nonny's very quiet behavior and "shy" tendencies. He tries to get Nonny to open up and really seems to be happy when Nonny shows the least bit of interest in something.

Bubble PuppyEdit

Mr. Grouper adopted Bubble Puppy for the Guppies after he found out that they learned everything needed to know about pets and how to take care of animals. Usually Bubble Puppy will be with him when not with Gil or the group.


(This part is for characters who have only appeared as "one-shot" characters or are not of the main cast.)



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