"Noisy And Prets!" is the episode 14 of season 2. It first aired September 21th, 2013. It is episode 32 of the series and was the final episode newly aired during a special all new episodes week for Bubble Guppies.


Check it out Look at my Stuffres vopply Runs away




Molly tries to say its "time for bubble guppies" Gils Whats runnig away! Molly then says, "It's time for Bubble Guppies!"

After the themeEdit

A Going Molly And the Record Days Noisy Now Noisy and Molly and Gil leave for school.

Dance Songs=Edit

Dance A Band the Now noisy noisy noisy Now glapy now a plasickle A Very Noisy and Noisy now

Gil then sings a song!

Shop SketchEdit

Deema Goes A noisy Gil Wants to now Noisy Now Now play The noisy Run Deema! She is A Hord A pask thank you Mr. Grouper Its time for lunch

Molly and GilEdit

Molly and gil Got Some A Slide

Class TimeEdit

Molly & gil A Glass have a noisy & Prets Goby killed Now Arm Crunch For Goby A Owl And They then go outside!

Story TimeEdit

Molly and Gil Play Noisy and prets A Goorgs A Squrb.A Love the Now A How is Now A Now the Run Now A Plan Now Eand plan Bath Your Bath is A Frinds A lower case and was And Plan Have A plans Tub Squrb Bath Time

So A their Make a A play And noisy Target A Deep a Deep "A Noisy Noisy".

Molly and Gil 2Edit

Bubble guppie Now the fone Toze A day A Poles Koles A Now Gil Runs away

Field TripEdit

A fun days The find A Pand Plat Plat How! A Incred Fore

So Gil is now a Noise Prets See A Pland The Bald Now Fane Cage Nage Fore Now Gils

a Play Mooly And Gil Fore One play Above A Poor Gil The A Just Made A Happle


  • Deema Play


  • Action Movies On the Camera A Noisy And Prets Tv Now

He Runs Away!


</gallery> Noisy And Prets.jbg snapshot 16.21 -2012.12.02 21.24.35-.jpg Noisy And Prets.jbg snapshot 15.41 -2012.12.02 21.24.14-.jpg Noisy And Prets.jbg snapshot 15.36 -2012.12.02 21.24.05-.jpg Noisy And Prets.jbg snapshot 11.15 -2012.12.02 21.23.47-.jpg Noisy And Prets.jbg snapshot 10.19 -2012.12.02 21.23.21-.jpg Noisy And Prets.jbg snapshot 09.45 -2012.12.02 21.22.38-.jpg Noisy And Prets.jbg snapshot 09.35 -2012.12.02 21.23.04-.jpg Noisy And Prets.jbg snapshot 07.52 -2012.12.02 21.22.19-.jpg Noisy And Prets.jbg snapshot 06.46 -2012.12.02 21.22.05-.jpg Noisy And Prets.jbg snapshot 01.37 -2012.12.02 21.21.25-.jpg Noisy And Prets.jbg snapshot 02.35 -2012.12.02 21.21.36-.jpg Noisy And Prets.jbg snapshot 01.37 -2012.12.02 21.21.25-.jpg Noisy And Prets.jbg snapshot 00.53 -2012.12.02 21.20.54-.jpg </gallery>

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