This article is focusing on nonny's relationships Molly: Molly's relationship with nonny isn't high. She likes to talk to nonny and help him with his problems. She hardly ever pays attention to him. But molly and nonny do get along. These two had held hands once in spooky, and they did a dancing duet. Blaze the cat: Nonny tends to have an innocent crush on blaze. Shadow the hedgehog: Nonny doesn't like shadow's rivalry with him. Sonic the hedgehog: Nonny and sonic are good friends.

Guppies Edit

Molly - Nonny and Molly seem to have a friendly relationship. Edit

Oona - Nonny seems to have a crush on Oona and vice versa. He is usually the one to answer her questions, and he seems to only really smile at her. They are usually found sitting beside each other, playing together and she is also seen with him in songs. Edit

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