This Page is for describing the relationship between Oona and Goby. They are 1 of 9 couples featured in the series and as such, this page is for facts and information on the two of them together. Oona has a crush on him, and mostly Nonners.

Please keep this page accurate and do not tamper with it.


  • In Happy Holidays Mr. Grumpfish, Oona complement him about how he arrange the lights
  • In Have a Cow, Goby gave his carrot to Oona
  • In The Spring Chicken Is Coming, they did the storybook segment together
  • In Who's Gonna Play The Big Bad Wolf, they did a shop segment together
  • In Check It Out, they were seen together often
  • In The Sizzling Scampinis, they did the storybook segment together
  • In The Beach Ball, they did the storybook segment together
  • In Bubble-Cadabra, Oona hugs Goby twice
  • In the Ballet bowl and Elephant trunk a dunk Goby and Oona shared the recess sketch

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