"Outside" is a song sung by Mr. Grouper whenever its time for the Bubble Guppies to go outside for recess, usually
Outside Dance

A side by side version. From left to right: The season one version while the rest of season had the update version

to tell a story to the viewerssegment.

In season 1 the order of guppies was: Oona, Nonny, Deema, Gil, Molly, and Goby.

In season 2 the order is: Nonny, Oona, Deema, Goby, Gil, then Molly.

Also in season 2, The outside song seems to play before the Dance segment.

It isn't played in Happy holidays mR grumpfish,Bubble puppy's hfintastic fairytale,Temple of the lost puppy

In gobble gobble guppies the guppies are wearing sweaters and vests

In a very guppy Christmas the guppies and mr grouper are wearing coats mittens hats and scarfs

Lyrics Stop It PauselineEdit

Mr. Grouper: Line up, everybody, it's time to go outside!

(Sometimes a guppy will say, "Come on. It's time to go outside.")

Guppies: *clap* Outside, outside! Outside, everybody, outside!

Mr. Grouper: Line up, everybody, line up, line up, line up, line gup, gup, gup, gup, guppies! Everybody, get out, get, get, get out, get up, get everybody go...

All: Outside!

Mr. Grouper: Here we go, here we go, here we go, everybody line up, here we go outside! Everybody, let's go, go, go, go, g-get out-out-out-out-out-out-out-out-out-outside!

Bubble Guppies...!

Daddy, What Are You DoingEdit

  • Noticeably, Nonny is seen smiling a lot more in season 1's Outside dance in comparison to season 2.
  • The guppies order in season 2 possibly references the "couples" that fanon tends to pair them off by.
  • The Lyrics were originally different
  • In the cowgirl parade the guppies wore their cowgirl and cowboy hats
  • In Gobble Gobble Guppies the LOL
  • In Puddleball just as the guppies swam away there was a thunderstorm

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