Rock Lobster
"Pink haired lobster" is a female lobster who appears multiple times in the episode, "We Totally Rock!", as part of a rock duo that appears during the beginning of the episode when Gil and Goby come across the band practicing. She plays the drums and has a minor speaking role.

She also appears during the song, "I Need To Rock!" as the bands drummer.

It is unknown who voices the pink haired lobster.


Not much is known of the female pink haired lobster, other then the fact she is normally seem smiling and pretty perky. She likes to play music and also likes to encourage others to do so also.


The pink haired lobster is a girl lobster with pinkish-red coloring. Her hands/clas are red in color. She has messy, pink hair close to the color of Molly's, with messy bangs and a multi-pieced cowlick. Her eyes are small and black, and she also has black eyebrows and can often be seen smiling.

She is shown to wear a blue neck scarf/tie, along with a black T-shirt with fishbones depicted on it.




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