Episode 9 of Season 3, and 98 of the entire series. "Puppy Gil's Twins" first aired on February 27, 2014.


For Molly And Gil Shop Now Twin Twin Derfibe Twins!




Molly Hi, Molly Im Molly, Molly Its Time, Gil's Stick Gil Many Hour Closer The Gum Closer Closer High High High Gil Scream Ahh Ahh, Nonny Its Time Foe Bubble Guppies.

After the themeEdit

The episode begins as Gil, Molly, Dead A Gil's Stick Put A Day Are Now Scoop And Closer For Higher 1 2 3 4 5 Run Pop!...

Fare Gil's Hard And The Molly Twins Are Stuck.

Crome Scole Every Mr. Grouper Stuck And The Tree.

Molly then sings, "Scoope Epic A Double Double Twins".

Shop SketchEdit

Does Are Flower And Deema Scoop And Your Finb Bag Bag Bag Tod Tod Tod Now.

Tose Roshe Tongo Molly Tell And Deema Wins By to tell them it's Lunchtime.

Molly and GilEdit

Dvill Gope Dane Dang Stick Stick Stick And Twin.

Class TimeEdit

Fite Fite And Mr. Grouper Vill And Forch Scgi Star now From A Twins.

Story TimeEdit

Sight Words Now From A Dights Molly, Deema, Got And Very Big Twins Are Job!

Twin Cannon And Demma, Fire.

Twin Were Are Now From Toget For Vill Molly, Splash And To Use Soap Soap!

Forgot Weg Wig Molly, Candy To Use Are Vill Vill Vill Vill Vill And Wig Wig.

Deema is then inspired to sing, "Twin Dance".

Molly and Gil 2Edit

Up And Molly, Down Gil, Down And Now From Up, Gil And And Pop Gil, Pop!

Field TripEdit

It's Now Got Twin Twin Twin Scoop Now Dcoler Dcoler Twins Bill Dow Does Lot Lot Bowel Vill Just Are Twin Parade!

The Biggest Parade Ever Scoop And Vill Curvice.

To Many Bottles as the episode ends!

Final Molly and Gil ActEdit

Molly To Use Are Up And Down Molly, Up Molly Mine, Down Gil Uh Oh, Up Gill Scream Ahh Ahh, Pop!


  • Molly: Twin Twin


  • The lunch joke plays out like the very first episodes. In which the macaroni and cheeze and the twinaroni and cheeze.
  • Hike, Nine Toke Twin.
  • The twin music is the same from the theme song.

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