Reception Desk
The Receptionist is a female Crab who appears at near the end of "Call a Clambulance!" when the Bubble Guppies go to the Hospital to visit Oona's friend, Avi.

She also was the one who recieved Avi's Mothers call when she called the Hospital at the beginning of the episode and asked them to send a Clambulance.

Her voice actor is unknown a this time.


As she only appeared in this episode, she did not show much personality. Though she seems like most of the other crabs, appearing happy and nice to others.

The way she responded to the Guppies when they came in implies she's either heard of them or knows them.


The receptionist is a typical crab though her colors appear to be a rusty-red in color. She has the normal dot black eyes and big smile. She seems to be wearing small pearl earrings and her hair is styled like Deema's and is the same color, though it is not sticking out on the sides. Just the top.



  • The receptionist shows that others have Deema's hairstyle. Which may mean Deema's hairstyle may be common amongst the crabs as few are shown with it, though modified just a bit.


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