Sad Gorilla was a Gorilla who appeared during the story featured in "Call a Clambulance!" in which Deema and Gil were two animal doctors and they drove around to cure the sick and injured animals.

As they did, they kept being chased around by a Gorilla and out of fear he would eat them, they fled the scene until finding out that gorillas dont eat people, courtesy of Nonny.

It's currently unknown who voices Sad Gorilla.


As his name implies, Sad Gorilla was... well, a very Sad Gorilla! Due to his threatening appearance, he was very lonely and felt even worse each and every time Deema and Gil would drive away from him. Eventually they learned that he just wanted a friend and they apologized and agreed to become his friend and they gave him a hug, which made him happy right away and make him not as sad anymore.


The Sad Gorilla is a very big, muscled Gorilla who appears to be a blue-gray color. His face, hands, feet, and chest/stomach being a lighter color. His eyelids are the darker color. His eye color is black.

Until he became jolly, he was seen with a saddened expression.


"I'm a little bit sad."

"'Because I wanted to play with you, but you kept running away."

"Heh...Gorillas don't eat people."

"Will you play with me?"

"Mmm....that's nice."


  1. He's the first character ever to appear in a story.