She's Mean is the second song from the episode/TV Movie Bubble Puppy's_Fin-tastic Fairytale! It is sung by the witch with the lab crabs and Nonny.



Lab Crab: Although she tried it once or twice

Witch : I much prefer not being nice

Lab Crab: She's simply mean

She's so mean yeah she's so mean

And we are being quite presice

When we say her heart is cold as ice

Witch: I truly mean it

Lab Crab: Truly mean, so truly mean

Got a balloon?

Witch : I'm gonna pop it

Lab Crab:Throw her a ball

Witch:And I'll drop it

Lab Crab: Done something wicked?

Witch: Oh I can top it, it's what I do

Lab Crab: She can't stop it cause she's mean

Oh, she just loves just being bad

Witch : Doesn't that just make you so mad?

Lab Crab: That's cause she's mean

Witch: Now I think you're getting it!

Lab Crab: Helpful's just not in her nature

Nonny: In fact, it really aggrivates her!

Lab Crab: Because she's mean

Witch: Oh, you have no idea

Lab Crab: And after years of cruel devotion

She's madde this mean green bubble potion

With this plan she set in motion

Witch : I'll have enough frogs to fill an ocean

Lab Crab: Because she's so mean

She'll turn everyone to vermin

If there's doubt she'll be confirmin'

Witch : I'm the meanest witch around!

Lab Crab: She's so mean

Possesing cruelty oh so profound

This is why, she is so mean

Witch : Oh, I am mean