This page is decided to the many shops that appear in every episode. Here you can find images, customers, owner, and shop details.

Usually the shop comes after the first song of the episode, and before Lunchtime. Usually it will feature 1 to 3 customers, depending on how long each segment takes. Usually the shop keepers runs into a problem and will ask the viewer to help them.

Season 1Edit

Call a Clambulance!Edit

  • Name: Dr. Deema's Office
  • Patient/customer: Oona
  • Goal of Shop: Being a Doctor
  • Overview: Oona had gone in to be X-rayed and Deema had been given the results now. But she had trouble locating the right pieces of Oona's head x-ray, and her body x-ray.

The Crayon Prix!Edit

  • Name: Gil's Helmet Painters
  • Customer: Oona
  • Goal of Shop: Painting helmets by putting them into a machine and then loading paint into it.
  • Overview: Oona asked for a pink helmet to match her racing outfit but Gil did not have pink paint. She showed him that by mixing red paint with white paint, they could make paint.

Bubble Puppy!Edit

  • Name: Deema's Pet Supply Store
  • Customer: Goby and Nonny
  • Goal of shop: Providing any item that a pet or animal needs. Like food or toys
  • Overview: Goby needed some sort of food for his pet, while Nonny needed a toy for his.

Build Me a Building!Edit

  • Name: Deema's Tool Shop
  • Customer: Gil
  • Goal of Shop:
  • Overview: Gil needs a tool that goes bam bam bam

Ducks in a Row!Edit

  • Name: Deema's Marching Mart
  • Customer: Gil, and Oona
  • Goal of Shop: To find the perfect instrument or item for the customer
  • Overview: Gil Leeds an intrument to drum on while oona finds a woodwind intrument

The grumpfish special

Name: Deema's fast fruit restaurant

Customer: Molly and goby

Goal of shop: nonny's job is to count to see how many fruit it needs

Overview: Molly wants a banana foanana while goby has a strawberry spectacular

The moon rocks

Name: Molly's moon pizzeria

Customer: Gil and nonny

Goal of shop: it's where you have fair shares

Overview: Gil and nonny want to share the full moon pizza

Who's gonna play the big bad wolf

Name: Oona's little actor store

Season 2Edit

X marks the spot

Name: Deema's pirate costume store


  • The person to have the most shop sketches has been Deema.
  • Apparentely the shops do not ask for payment. As they are never shown paying for the service.