This page is for information regarding the stories told in every episode after the guppies head Outside. Usually it is told by one person, while 2 or 3 of the guppies act it out.

This page will include pictures and information. But for a more detailed description on the story itself please visit the page of the episode its in to avoid clutter on this page.

Season 1Edit

Call a Clambulance!Edit

  • Name: Jungle Doctors
  • Story Teller: Nonny
  • Characters: Gil and Deema
  • Overview: Gil and Deema travel around a jungle to fix up some hurt and sick animals. They keep being chased by a Gorilla.

The Crayon Prix!Edit

  • Name: The Color Monster
  • Story Teller: Goby
  • Characters: Nonny and Deema
  • Overview: Deema and Noony work in a color factory but a selfish monster keeps taking the pipes and drinking the colors himself. Sucking the colors from everything else.

Bubble Puppy!Edit

  • Story name: The Emperor and the Dragon Puppy
  • Story Teller: Oona
  • Characters: Goby and Deema
  • Overview: The emperor wanted a special pet and soon he finds a special puppy, thats part dragon!

Build Me a Building!Edit

  • Story Name: The Royal Construction Crew
  • Story Teller: Goby
  • Characters: Deema, Oona, Molly, and Gil
  • Overview: The Princess wants the construction crew to build a barrier around her precious Graham Crackers to protect them from the dragon who keeps stealing them.

Ducks in a Row!Edit

  • Story: The Cowhands and the Marching Bandit
  • Story Teller: Oona
  • Characters: Molly and Goby
  • Overview: Molly and Goby try to get a bunch of cows to go back inside but a bandit keeps taking them away!

The Grumpfish Special!Edit

  • Story: super waiter and us bust boy vs the rotten tomato
  • Story Teller: Goby
  • Characters: Nonny and Gil Molly and Deema
  • Overview: Deema want mix vegtables peas carrots and corn But rotten tomato gets in the way!
  • The moon rocks
  • Story: the alien's nap time.
  • Story teller: Nonny
  • Characters: Oona and Deema
  • overview: the space aliens want to take a nap but the alien gets in their way!

Season 2Edit

x marks the spot

story: the pirate road trip.

story teller: goby.

characters: oona and Molly

overview: molly and oona wants to go to picnic peak but the white whale gets in their way!