Molly says hello to the viewers just before she says it's time for bubble guppies gil came here and he says breathing and he did next he listen to his heart beat then he checks his tummy but no gurgles he checks molly's tummy and it did gurgle

Story time

Outside to play Goby and Deema are nurses who help the doctor take care of patients. Nonny tells Mr. Grouper that he has stomach pain. Mr. Grouper looks at Nonny's X-rays and notices that the pain is caused by a nasty stomach bug. Mr. Grouper tells Nonny that two nurses will get rid of it. He shrinks the nurse's submarine down and sends it into Nonny's mouth using a syringe of water. Goby and Deema see good bugs that turn food into energy. They approach the stomach and the nurses discover why Nonny's stomach hurts. The nasty stomach bug is there scaring away all of the good bugs. Deema tells Goby that they must get rid of it bothering the stomach bug. Thinking that the bug is going to scare them away the nurses quickly get away. They end up in Nonny's lungs. The stomach bug appears again scaring Goby and Deema away. It chases them until the nurses lose it again and end up in Nonny's heart. Seeing the stomach bug once again they quickly get away and it chases them back to Nonny's mouth where the nurses began. Soon the nurses fail to get away from it. Then they get cornered by the villain who grabs them and carries them away back to the stomach. Deema finally tells the stomach bug that it made Nonny get stomach pain. The stomach bug is surprised and tells them that it didn't mean to make Nonny's stomach upset. Goby then tells the stomach bug that if it promises to be good then it can help the other good bugs turn Nonny's food into energey. The stomach bug tells the nurses that it will be good from now on.

Gil invites everyone to sing lungs breath heart beat

second Molly and Gil sketch



this is the first time they have tummy gurgles

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