Story time

Outside to play Molly and Deema pretend to be arctic rangers. They get a warning that a narwhal is lost. Molly accepts finding the narwhal. mr grouper warns them to watch out for orcas. Molly and Deema spy the narwhal far away from them.They try to get to it on an iceberg but they slide off of it easily. Molly suggests that they should ride on an ice flow. The arctic rangers ride on an ice flow until they come to an iceberg. Suddenly an orca shows up and they manage to get away. The narwhal appears from under the water and it pushes the ice flow really fast toward the shore. The orca shows up again and the arctic rangers reach the ice. Deema fears that the orca would try to swim under the iceberg but Molly tells her that there is more ice under water. The orca dives over the iceberg. Molly and Deema are scared about getting attacked. The orca just wants to be friends with them. Deema makes her promise not to attack them if they be friends with her.

Gil then invites everyone to sing slip and slide dance

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