The Bunny Dance is the character by Gil and the guppies.

Characters Songs




Gil (Speaking) Come on, everybody it time for Dance. Come on, everybody bunnies it time for dance come on, bunnies dance with us.

Gil (Singing) come on, bunnies get with me and she loves to carrots. Sometimes I have a carrot. And she like to carrots.

Oona (Singing) one two three bunnies one more carrots. I love bunnies.

Oona (Singing) No more bunnies in the house.

Gil (Singing) I have Two bunnies I love to carrots. Sometimes I have two orange carrots

Gil (Singing) No more bunnies in the house.

Molly (Singing) I have 1 bunny I love carrot. Sometimes I have a orange carrot.

Molly (Singing) No more bunny in the house.

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