"The Crayon Prix!" is the episode 2 of season 1. It first aired January 25th, 2011.
It aired after Call a Clambulance! and before Bubble Puppy!


The Bubble guppies compete in a Grand Prix to win a big box of crayons. But when Gil, the purple racer goes too fast and crashes, it's up to Molly, the blue racer, and Deema, the red racer to make purple while going through the hoop to win the race!

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Production Edit

Pop song: A Color Just Right

Lunch Joke: Crayon-Berry Juice

Dance song: What Colors Mean


Field trip

Characters PresentEdit


  • Gil: Nothing can stop purple thunder!Purple*pink paint slowly drips onto him* I mean Pink Pink thunder...



  • Doesn't it seem just a bit odd that Oona's helmet dried so quickly? Usually a coat of paint can take a half hour to an hour long to dry. While putting it onto her head is fine since it didn't touch anything, there should have been pink stains on his hands.
  • This episode reveals all of the guppies favorite colors:
    • Molly: Blue
    • Gil: Purple
    • Oona: Pink also yellow
    • Nonny: Orange
    • Mr. Grouper: Orange and White
    • Deema: Red
    • Goby: (assumed to be green)
  • The Color Monster could be considered a reference to Godzilla.
  • During the shop sketch, Oona's entire tail is solid pink, due to wearing something to match her jacket and helmet.
  • During the shop sketch, the music for "A color just right" is playing in the background.
  • Oona was the only Guppy who didn't get to drive a car their favorite color. As Pink was not one of the car choices, she had to drive Yellow.