Dragon Puppy
Dragon Puppy is a small baby dragon pet that belongs to Emperor Goby during story time in Bubble Puppy! She is very obedient for a puppy so young but she can be a little curious and too playful some of the time.

But she learned two very important commands that made her be safe in the worst of situations. Such as when she almost woke up the Gorilla-Gator, or when she was on top of a dangerous rock platform.

Dragon Puppy is voiced by Frank Welker.


Dragon Puppy is very loving, cute, and playful. As said above, she was a teensy bit disobedient, but at the same time she was very obedient. She learned to listen and kept herself and Goby both safe and well from harm.


As she is a dragon, Dragon Puppy somewhat resembles one, but she is also a baby puppy. She's green colored with green-yellow underside and a curly tail. On her back, head, and tip of her tail she has fuchsia colored hair. She has small eyes, nose, and eyebrows. Dragon Puppy also has fish-flipper shaped ears on the top of her head with yellow-green coloring inside.



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