Story time

Outside to play Molly and Deema are baby penguin sitters. They decide to take the penguins back to their parents. Molly warns Deema that lepoard seals eat penguins. They go to Icebrerg Bay where they deliver the first penguin to a male penguin. Suddenly a lepoard seal appears and they hide. The baby penguin sitters go to Snowy Cove where they deliver the second penguin to a female penguin. They see the lepoard seal again and get away. Finally they go to a beach where they deliver the third penguin to a male penguin again. The baby penguin sitters see the leapord seal again. Deema asks her what she wanted. The leapord seal doesn't want to eat the penguins. She just wanted Molly and Deema to baby sit her own seal.

Gil then invites everyone to song bunny hop dance

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