Two Fairies and Have Pirates is the story by Deema.

Characters Story

Narrator Deema

Molly as Fairy

Oona as Fairy

Gil as Pirate

Goby as Pirate


Deema: Once Upon a Time there are two fairies they lives to the house. One Day the fairies we have a flowers.

Molly as Fairy: Hey Oona get what a surprise for you.

Oona as Fairy: Ye.

Molly as Fairy: Which Oona have a flowers.

Little Fish: A flower.

Molly as Fairy: A flower yes that right.

Deema: But the pirates is here.

Gil as Pirate and Goby as Pirate: Arr. Hey guys get what you surprise for you.

Molly as Fairy & Oona as Fairy: Me Too!.

Gil as Pirate!: Arr! Which the fairies surprise for you.

Little Fish: Ye here flower.

Gil as Pirate: Here Flower that right.

Molly as Fairy: Ready guys.

The Guppies: Ready!.

Deema: And all live happily ever after.

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